Ultimate guide on How to Avoid Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging

posted on 05 May 2014 05:36 by craigslistguide

The site Craigslist is meant to post a number of free ads pertaining to different brands to promote the business. However, you have limitation when it comes to post a number of ads over this site. And when you exceed the limit you are bound to face problems like Craigslist Flagging or Craigslist Ghosting, which in other words simply mean that you are blocked to further post the ads over the site. The former is carried out by the users, while the latter is being managed by the site owners. Both these options are there to maintain the par quality of the ads. But don’t worry, you can easily find the solutions for the same. Let’s check the ultimate guide on How to Avoid Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging in the following paragraphs:

Avoid putting all the eggs in one basket. You can easily depend upon this site in order to get the traffic, hence you may not feel the pressure in order to focus over the search engine optimization or PR efforts. When finally Craigslist was joining the dropping the bomb, people really didn’t had much option to escape safe. Hence the only best bet to deal with craigslist flagging and ghosting issue is to avoid putting all the ads in one go.

Quality and not quantity that matters, however, when you see the ads coming for free, people usually feel tempted to post a number of ads over this site. This is the basic reason why people are seen prosecuted by the site staff or by the users. It is therefore recommended to go for quality rather than the quantity. This is among the best Tips on How to Avoid Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging.

Less content is more: The more content you put in any ad over the Craigslist the worst can be the output. Hence the lesser the amount of content you have over the ad the better would be the solution. Make sure you do not use any mechanical kind of tool to post the same old automated content, which do not give any result. Hence the very best strategy for ad content over Craigslist to opt for less amount of content.

So, if you are really keen to Avoid Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging, make sure you follow all the above said tips and tricks, or else you would face the music.

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